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Selecting the right carpet & carpet tile flooring

At Huckaby Brothers Floor Covering, we know about the many soft surface options: construction, fiber, style and color, and even backing. In our 40-plus years in the flooring business, we’ve seen it all including the challenges, potential problems, and how to avoid them.

We suggest that even before you start shopping, start by describing the facility. Is it a home, medical facility, restaurant, hotel, office, or church? Will the installers need access to the subfloor? What kind of traffic and dirt gets tracked in?

Then think about specifics, such as room or area, overall style, spills, moisture issues, mobility devices (such as wheelchairs and walkers), sound issues, extra durability needs, etc.

If you’re looking for carpet in Phenix City, AL you will find quality, craftsmanship, and personalized customer service at our showroom. We carry brands from well-known manufacturers; they come with a lifetime warranty on stain, soil, and wear.

Broadloom vs carpet tiles

Broadloom, or rolled, rugs are used for big floor spaces or wall-to-wall installations, but also come as squares. They typically come in 18 X 18 or 24 X 24 sizes but can sometimes be smaller, such as 12 X 12, in contrast to broadloom rolls, which are typically 12 to 15 feet wide.

They come in many fun colors and patterns and that, with the design flexibility, is making them a popular choice for homeowners. They mix and match to design unique and creative styles, installing them in playrooms, basements, and family rooms. Some even use them to design area rugs.

Installation is fast

The backing, which comes in fiberglass, vinyl, urethane, etc. keeps each square moisture-free and stable. While these rugs aren’t waterproof, that backing will make them withstand pet accidents and spills more effectively.

They are durable, budget-friendly, and have less waste than broadloom and easy to clean vacuum as you would any soft surface. There are also fewer of those awkward seams you can get with a broadloom installation.

Each tile can be glued down or peel and stick; it’s easy to replace individual tiles. Broadloom requires specific skills and tools. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have about carpet and carpet tile flooring. Visit the Huckaby Brothers Floor Covering carpet retail showroom, servicing Phenix City, Auburn and Opelika AL, and Columbus and Fort Benning, GA. We provide a free estimate and in-house design consultation.